2017 Queen Creek Parks & Recreation Master Plan

The 2017 Queen Creek Parks & Recreation Master Plan updates the Town's previous parks and recreation master plan to include the dramatic shift in population size and needs of the community within the past five years. PLAN-et worked with the town to engage the public in its planning process which included a strong online presence, community surveys, and a study of comparison jurisdictions. Residents were also able to participate in a "build a park" activity to help community education about understanding the constraints regarding funding and size in place as a result of the new State Laws. As a result of this plan, new parks and trail connections were identified, parks were more closely tied to events and health, and new strategies for providing parks to acomodate future growth were developed. In essence, the Town created a new park classification system, identified two new parks, and has begun to plan for the development of a community recreation center and aquatic center with the community's new directions for how they would like to provide recreational facilities for their identified needs and demographic shifts.