Our firm offers a range of experience and solutions that provide an integrated approach to each community.

Integrated Health

PLAN-et conducts Health Impact Assessments and provides education and planning resulting in Healthy Community Designs and policies.


PLAN-et develops innovative comprehensive, general, and master plans for public, private, and tribal clients.

Sustainable Connectivity

PLAN-et is recognized for its leadership in active transportation planning.

Engaging Communities

PLAN-et leads and develops community engagement strategies tailored to our clients and the community.

What We're Planning Now...

Prescott North Area & Granite Creek Area Plans

PLAN*et is working with the City of Prescott in updating both their Granite Creek Area and North Area plan which will overlook the undeveloped portions of North Prescott and areas along Granite Creek near the downtown. For more information on the project, please contact us.

Tempe Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update Adopted

Congratulations to the City of Tempe for their recent adoption of the Tempe Parks and Recreation Master Plan! The planning team and city staff worked to create an online, interactive document to reflect the current needs and changing demographics for their parks system in line with the City's 20-mile city vision. The plan will be used to help provide efficient and safer improvements to Tempe's transportation network.

Chandler Airpark Area Plan

PLAN*et is working with the City of Chandler in updating their Airpark Area Plan. The City is in progress of updating both its Municipal Airport Plan and the surrounding Arirpark Area; this update effort will address the surrounding 9 square miles to look at appropriate land uses, transportation mobility options, and design. For more information, view the CAAP site here.

Downtown Florence Redevelopment Plan Adopted

PLAN-et worked with the dedicated Town staff in updating and successfully adopting the Florence Downtown Redevelopment Plan. The plan was recently recognized and awarded for the Revitalization/Infill/Reuse project category by the American Planning Association Arizona Chapter. The online, interactive document includes developing a new land use plan and design guidelines for the redevelopment area, an economic assessment that will be used to guide recommended land uses and phasing, and concepts to enhance walkability within and access to the downtown. 

Gila River Indian Community Land Use Plan

PLAN*et is working alongside the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) to update their Community Land Use Plan. This update will examine existing conditions, natural environment and cultural resources, infrastructure, community health, and other various factors influencing the tribe's district plans to develop a cohesive vision and strategic plan for future development.

Dewey Humboldt General Plan Update Assessment

PLAN-et is working the Town of Dewey Humboldt's steering committee to assess the need for an update of their General Plan.

Florence Redevelopment Master Plan
2021 AZ APA Revitalization/Infill/Reuse Project
Queen Creek General Plan
2019 AZ APA Best General Plan & Best Public Outreach
Wickes Park Plan & Community Planning Action Team
2019 Planning Excellence Award for Grassroots Initiative
Greening Lower Grand Avenue Plan
2015 APA National Planning Achievement Award for Urban Design
Greening Lower Grand Avenue
2013 APA AZ Best Plan, Open Category Award
Casa Grande General Plan
2010 AZ APA Best General Plan 

What Our Clients Say

PLAN-et brings together an experienced team versed in managing multiple projects throughout the valley. We bring creative perspectives that are engaging to each community and their needs, and provide realistic results that are clients can use within their project's budget,scope, process, and timeline. Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!

Leader in Arizona planning, readily shares their strong base of knowledge to help grow the team.

Communications Manager, City Community Economic Dev.

"Leslie is one of the leaders in the Arizona planning profession. She has built a strong base of knowledge that she readily shares. Leslie is a mentor and helps her team members grow. She is a dynamic leader with strong ideas and commitments to integrity and passion in the field."

Out-of-the-box thinking and talent to bring communities together across the valley.

Senior Associate, Regional Municipal Partner

"...I enjoyed their creative open space planning work as a MAG staff person. They brought many communities together into a valley wide project... and helped our city to develop a future thinking city center plan balancing the many expectation of residents, business, developers, and elected officials into a strong single focused strategy."

Achieved the nearly impossible in record time!

- Semi-Municipal Project Team

"Thank you for helping us achieve the nearly impossible in record time! We were given our site in May and were able to complete all necessary studies to submit the CUP application in early July, sailed through the zoning officer’s hearing in August and the BOS hearing yesterday without any continuances or unreasonable conditions imposed on the project."

Excellent job listening to the community...Engaging facilitation that's informative, direct, and keeps audience control.

-Governmental Staff and Team Consultant Staff

"...I thought [PLAN-et] did an excellent job listening to the community and providing very reasonable options, and I am happy to hear the project was completed."
"...Such a good speaker, very informative, direct, and to the point. Very engaging to the audience and keeps control of the situation."

We are extemely pleased with the work and outcome, and would definitely hire Plan*et again"

Municipal Planning Manager

"Plan*et Consulting provided facilitation and management services for the public outreach of the City's General Plan...They provided us with professional services that met the outlines scope of work and stayed within our budget...often went above and beyond, providing valuable insight and advice regarding the creation of the plan even though they were hired only for the public outreach portion of the project. Overall we are extremely pleased with the work and outcome of the project."

A strategic plan that we can use and serves as useful in other planning efforts.

-Municipal Representative and City Staff

"...the recommendations in the HIA were very useful in the updating of the Fort's 20-year strategic plan."
"... The work you did in facilitating and preparing the City's General Plan was exceptional!"

Had one of the best Council Work Sessions this year!

-City Staff, City Community Development

"I (was) told by the City Manager & Development Services Director, this was one of the best Council Work Sessions this year! Generally staff leaves...without guidance as to what council members want since they are divided, BUT they all agreed on our recommendations."

Could not have done it without a great team and the assistance and professionalism of PLANet!

Community Development Director

"PLANet's involvement was essential to the plan."
"We could not have done it without a great team and the assistance and professionalism of PLANet!"

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